Tanya Jansen







Tanya Jansen

Tanya Jansen

Pretoria, Gauteng


Since I can remember Art (in some or other form) was part of my life.
I studied Interior Design (not decorating) at Pretoria Technicon (South Africa) after which I worked as a graphic artist for 11 years and painted in my spare time. I only recently started painting fulltime and must admit; this is more fulfilling than I ever imagined it to be!

I love realistic views, vibrant colors and prefer to work in Oil and sometimes Watercolor. My work tends to become decorative/ expressive at times but this gives a balance especially with the realistic approach I take. I choose subjects that relax and sooth I am inspired by nature and love atmosphere in any painting.

I try to experiment as much as the medium letís me and apply it either with a brush, palette knife, my finger or a combination thereof.

Enjoy viewing my work as much as I did creating it!!

"He who works with his hands is a labourer. He works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, head and heart is an artist" - Saint Francis of Assisi



Farm scene with Goats II by Tanya Jansen


Farm scene with Goats I by Tanya Jansen


Farm in the Karoo by Tanya Jansen


Eastern Free State scene by Tanya Jansen


Pride by Tanya Jansen


Little Girl and Dog by Tanya Jansen


Lady on bed by Tanya Jansen


The Fireplace by Tanya Jansen


Peonies in white vase by Tanya Jansen


Teapot with Peonies by Tanya Jansen


Teacup 2 by Tanya Jansen


Teacup 1 by Tanya Jansen


Aubergines by Tanya Jansen


Pomegranate by Tanya Jansen